How do I help my beard to be full, strong, powerful, and masculine?

#1. MINIMISE BREAKAGE - Dry hair breaks and splits. The Natural Oils in Crown Beard Balm will hydrate and nourish your Beard, keeping it Strong. Encouraging it to maximise its potential.

#2. MINIMISE SKIN IRRITATION - Bad skin from dry skin (excessive-shampooing) or greasy skin means inflammation of the follicles, patchy growth and unsightly flakes. Crown Beard Balm only uses Natural ingredients which are easily washed out with no nasty build-up.

#3. USE CROWN BEARD BALM - It gives you an excuse to manhandle your facial bristles. The gentle tug and pull draws the hairs further out of the follicle, (slightly) increasing the speed at which they grow.

This contains oils, bro sometimes less is more :) unless you want to look like a Persian Prince... then use as much as you like.